2015 Interior Design Trends Predictions

Saturday, July 1st, 2017 - Bedroom

Interior design trends always change from year to year. This time, there are some interior design predictions that may gain its popularity for a year ahead. The 2015 Interior Design Trends Predictions may gain its moment and become popular again. Then, about the color, this is going to be full of dusty or shabby color with saturated blue.

Trends Interior Design 2015

A classic house with saturated blue color may become the heart of this year because blue is refreshing and calming. Blue combined with red will be nice as well. Some people may choose this interior design trends for their house. The classic furniture will have a place too, such as four-poster bedding, and the model of hive. If you are about to make a house, you can consider this kind of decoration for your house. Black window sashes are predicted to become the people’s favorite too. This looks simple and classic. But, this kind of window sashes can also be applied in modern house concept. Old table for dining room will also hit 2015. Make sure to have such kind of table if you find it in some shops.

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As it is told before that classic may gain its place again this year, and so is it with vintage interior design. Vintage design involves classic furniture with pale color scheme. Then, it is also predicted that the big and sectional home design will be one of 2015 interior design trends. It means that when we make a room, we make it large and comfortable with carpet. For example in our living room, we can put a big carpet for we and our family gather together or just lying on the carpet spending time, laughing together.


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