Monochromatic Simple Modern Homes Colors

Thursday, June 1st, 2017 - Paint Color

When building a house, some people look for the extraordinary idea that can make their houses different from others. When people feel satisfied with their houses, they will live peacefully and happily. One of many extraordinary house ideas is monochromatic house. This idea also usually combined with simple modern homes ideas. Monochromatic means that you need only one color tone. Below is the explanation how to get the best Monochromatic Simple Modern Homes Colors.

Simple Modern Homes Colors

When you intend to make a monochromatic house, the first thing you should do is choosing what kind of color you will use. To determine the color, you should take a look at your surroundings. If you live in the middle of city and you need colorful house to build up your energy for your life, you can choose red, blue, or other bright color. On the contrary, if you live in hill or a country far from the crowded city, you can choose either bright or pale color such as cream, grey, or even white. This is because on the country you have already had many colors appearing from your surrounding such as trees, fields, flowers, and others. So, it is nice if you have grey simple modern homes in a village or country.

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Since this is a monochromatic simple modern homes, so you only allowed using one color tone. Some people who want their houses to look extremely monochrome maybe will not use other color, but if you want a little variation, you can add another color which is compatible. For instance, if you use grey for your house, then you can use pale grey for the variation. No matter what color you use for your house, you have to make it simple and modern because usually monochromatic house will look stunning with simple modern house idea.

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